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Dr. Lorane Dick
Our practice provides quality osteopathic health care for the whole patient and the whole family. Patient evaluation includes a history and physical exam, an assessment of overall health and recommendations. Office visits include reassessment and progressive osteopathic treatment. Specializing in osteopathic manipulative medicine and serving people of all ages, our patients benefit from treatment of:

Persistent pain problems including:

Traumatic falls
Sports injuries
Motor vehicle accidents
Dental Trauma

Allergic and infectious disorder including:

Chronic lung disease
Sinus problems

Gastro intestinal problems including

Acid reflux
Irritable bowel syndrome

Chronic pain problems including:

Chronic fatigue
Radiating arm pain
Sciatic neuritis
Joint problems

Gynecological Problems and Pregnancy:

Difficult delivery
Treatment during pregnancy which enhances labor & delivery
Back pain before and after delivery
Menstrual Problems
Symptoms of Menopause

Children including:

Asymmetrical heads following delivery
Visual problems
Attention disorders
Trauma and head injuries
Sports injuries such as ankle and knee sprains
Treatment pre and post braces

Our practice:

Medicare Provider
Blue Shield Preferred Provider
Other insurances will often reimburse a percentage of your costs